About Travelada

Travelada is a members only discount travel membership program that has been serving members since 1985. With a combined total of more than a 200,000 member base we've performed on hundreds of thousands of vacation and travel requests giving unprecedented value to our members. One of the hallmarks of our concept is to present our clients with services at prices that essentially remove at least one of the links in the chain of travel markup.

We stand alone in our dedication to member service and value and we maintain the philosophy that our members are the greatest and most valuable assets that we own. For our members worldwide, we are committed to living up to our reputation as being the very best.

We allow our members to access inventory that is only available to travel agencies at wholesale rates. Rather than marking the prices up on each booking, we generate revenue from a membership fee. The rates are so low, it’s in our agreement that we can’t publish them publicly on the internet to non-members. This arrangement allows us to assure that our members will save hundreds of dollars or even thousands. The more you travel the more you save.

For all our bookings we use a worldwide reservation system backed by the largest sellers of wholesale travel in the world; which offer highly discounted prices and assures our members the lowest possible price at the time of the booking. Our leadership team has over 100 years in combined knowledge and experience in the hospitality and travel industry. It is our team of experts that sets us apart from all other online travel providers. Due to the relationships we have nurtured with suppliers worldwide over our 20+ years in this market; and the leverage we have acquired by booking millions of dollars of reservations, we are able to offer our Members a unique opportunity to provide them with the best pricing anywhere on the internet.

With Travelada you pay less on hotels, vacation condo rentals, car rentals, attractions, shows, cruises and much more. The savings you receive by using Travelada allow you to make your travel plans with fewer compromises, allowing you to enjoy the vacation you want, the way you want it.

Working with a wide range of powerful resources and technology, we are able to provide our clients with unique opportunities and a vast array of benefits and services. Unparalleled in the industry today, Travelada works hard to give our members the best experience when traveling. Whether traveling abroad or staying closer to home our experienced and supportive staff ensures peace of mind for our clients. Our technological innovations in flight, hotel and transportation reservation are just a small part in what makes Travelada the travel agency it is today. We stop at nothing to make our clients happy with their travel booking experience because of our long standing dedication to customer satisfaction.

Since we offer much lower unpublished rates, we are unlike other travel websites, which serve the general public. We have accomplished this by establishing a travel membership website, and have cut out the mark-ups to pass those savings on to you. So kick back and follow that dream to the far corners of the earth. Don’t let steep travel costs stop you from seeing the world. Let Travelada get you where you want to go, and save money along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Your membership entitles you to access to our discount travel booking platform for one Month.
A: You can book over 90% of travel offered online. You may request a call back or more details via e-mail for all other travel needs. Prices change constantly and in order to get the very best prices for our members, we ask that they allow our agents to search for them. For condos, you may search our website for properties and book online.
A: Please note that there are only minimal savings on vehicle rentals.
A: Condos, cruises and vacation packages always yield the highest amounts of savings.
A: The newsletter is emailed to you and can be found within the discount travel booking portal.
Airfare –There are no discounts available on airfare, so the prices we obtain reflect the very best prices that are available at the time of booking. Our quotes reflect all applicable taxes, fees, etc. We never charge any booking fees for your airfare quote.

Cruises – Our cruise quotes reflect all applicable taxes, fees, etc. Additionally, our "specials" link contain additional cruise deals and information.

Condos – Condos are subject to availability. Please note that condo rentals run by the week, typically Saturday to Saturday. Private properties offer limited discounts as the owners do not handle a large number of properties. Please note that any discounts you may receive on condo properties will be highly discounted when compared to the rack or standard rate. Again, our quotes include any and all taxes, fees, etc.

Condo Hot Weeks – All condo hot weeks that are available are listed on the website. Check the "specials" link and click on "condos". As new weeks become available, we will add them to the specials page. All weeks listed on the specials page are applicable only to the weeks specified.

Hotel Properties – All detailed provided when search in the platform.

Tour – For your basic tour requests, we will keep you updated along the way and make every effort to provide you with a price quote within 7 days. For more customized tour itineraries, price quoting will be dependent upon the type of request and amenities specified. Please be aware that our tour vendors do not make their inventories available more than six months prior to specified travel dates.

Remember! Deep discounts on properties are typically directly related to the quality of the property. "Cheap" is not always the best value."

What Our Clients Say

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